The earth's surface, which generally includes hills and mountains, is often depicted in 2 dimensions using various kinds of symbols and shading.  These have to be interpreted to be understood, and the actual form of the topography is difficult even for experienced map readers to visualize.  The world is neither black and white, nor two-dimensional.  Why should maps of it be?  We're interested in moving the concept of color 3D anaglyphs into the field of mapping.


Drawing on our schooling and experience in cartography, photogrammetry and computer graphics, we've developed a somewhat complicated method for creating maps in anaglyphic 3D using a computer and modern printing processes.  Making the maps might be difficult, but viewing and appreciating them is surprisingly easy, requiring only that the viewer put on a pair of red/cyan glasses.


We also have the ability to produce custom 3D maps.  If there's an area you'd like to see turned into a 3D map, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate of what it would cost.


2i3D Stereo Imaging is operated primarily by Steven L. Richardson, with help from Benjamin M. Richardson, though we couldn't have done any of this without the encouragement of our friends and family.